1. How do I download and install BursaStation Professional?
    You can click the download link here and follow the instructions on the page.
  2. Our company firewall has blocked the download of the file. Can you send me the installation file via email?
    Yes. Please send an email to admin@bursastation.com , state your user ID and we will send you the installation file by email.
  3. Is there a tutorial available?
    Yes, click here for online tutorial.
  4. What are the minimum PC system requirements to use your service?
    BursaStation Professional works on Microsoft Windows 8.1 or 10 (64bit) Operating System. Please see download page for more details.
  5. If I have two PCs, can I install BursaStation Professional on both of them?
    Yes, you can. However, you are only allowed to login from one PC at any time. Your second login will force the first BursaStation Professional PC to log out.
  6. Do you provide telephone support?
    We provide free telephone support for registered users. You can call (603) 7803 1791 during office hours for any technical related problems.
  7. Does BursaStation Professional support dual monitors?
    Yes. If your PC supports two monitors, you can view the quotes on one monitor, and view the charts on the other monitor.
  8. What should I do if BursaStation Professional cannot work?
    Firstly make sure that you have entered your username and password by going to File, Settings. Next, check to make sure that you have an internet connection by opening an internet browser (like Internet Explorer) and surf to your favourite website.

    If you are able to visit the websites, then you should check your firewall settings. Disable your firewall application and reconnect your BursaStation Professional again. If your BursaStation Professional then works, you need to change your firewall settings. Please note that BursaStation Professional works best if one sets the Internet Security to Medium.

    If you are still unable to use BursaStation Professional, please disable your anti-virus software and reconnect to BursaStation Professional again. If BursaStation Professional is working, you can re-enable your anti-virus software.
  9. How do I configure the firewall to let BursaStation Professional work?
    BursaStation Professional uses tcp port 3090 to connect to our servers. You should open the port on your firewall or configure your firewall to unblock the BursaStation Professional application.  For company firewall configuration, our server ip range is – If your company uses a proxy service for internet browsing traffic, kindly configure pass-through or no web caching for *.bursastation.com; this is to minimize network delays.
  10. I have tried everything above and BursaStation Professional or tick charts is still not able to work properly. What can I do?
    Please go to our support page at http://www.bursastation.com/support.pl to check whether there are some files missing from your Windows installation. For tick chart users, there is also a test for the appropriate Java version.
  11. How can I ensure that the time displayed in BursaStation Professional is as accurate as possible?
    The time displayed in BursaStation Professional is synchroized with our application server every a few minutes.
  12. How do I use your Tick Charts?
    Please click here to find out more on Tick Charts.