Add a Counter to Watchlist
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Method 1

1.   Select and open an existing Watchlist. (See also Open an existing Watchlist)

2.   (a) Click on the Add Watchlist icon graphic OR

(b) Position your mouse over the empty space and right click your mouse. Then click on the graphic OR

(c) Click on Edit -> Add Item


3.   Search for your choice of counter either by scrolling down the menu or typing in the counter name/code. Double click on the counter or click Add to insert the counter to the watchlist.


4.   Repeat Step 3 to Add more counters. Once done, click Close.

Method 2

1.   Right click on the preferred counter in the Main Frame to open the Stock Database menu. (See also Opening the Stock Database Menu)

2.   Select Add to Watchlist and left click on the watchlist you want to add the counter to.


Each watchlist allows you to monitor up to 80 counters. If you have exceeded this limit, an error message will appear. To add new stocks into your list, you will have to remove some counters before adding new ones. See also Remove Stock(s) from the Watchlist.

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