Changes in BursaStation Professional V6.7

  1. New channel for Gold Futures (FGLD)
    For investors who are interest in Gold Futures, a new dedicated channel is now available for you to identify the active counters at a glance. Support Fibonacci Time Projection tool
  2. Channel selection in Intraday Market Ticker
    With the channel selection in Intraday Market Ticker, you can now monitor the significant trades targeted to a specific channels or your portfolio. This allows you to quickly identify large movements in your monitored counters if the channel is set to your portfolio. Enhance Trade Summary Chart
  3. Transaction grouping in Portfolio
    With the enhanced transaction grouping available in the portfolio, you can now group the transactions according to your preferences by giving a group name and assign the transaction to it. In this way, you can easily monitor your transaction based on grouping like brokers, long term or short term counters. Enhance formula scripting to easily combine indicators
  4. Support new functions in Dynamic TA Chart Formula Editor
    New functions (ROUND, FLOOR, CEIL, IF_PREV) are added to allow you to add in new script formula to cater to your various technical analysis.
    Functions Description
    ROUND Round value to nearest whole number.
    FLOOR Round down value to nearest whole number.
    CEIL Round up value to nearest whole number.
    IF_PREV If Cond > 0 return Data1, otherwise return Data2 + prev Data.