Add an Alert
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1.   Select a counter from any panels in the Main Frame.

2.    Right click on the selected counter and click on graphic. Go to Step 5.


1.   Click the graphic icon from the channel toolbar to open the Alert panel.

2.   To add a new counter to the Alert,
(a) Click on the graphic icon from the Alert toolbar OR

(b) Click on Edit -> Add Item


3.   Click on the search button graphic to find the required counter.


4.   Using the pop-up search interface, type in the counter name or code. Once the counter is found, highlight the counter name and click OK.


5.   Apply the settings that you need for the Trigger Conditions, Trigger Time Range, Delivery Option and Repeat Option.


6.   To include another condition. Check "or (tick to include another condition".


7.   Click Ok and this alert will be added to the list of alerts.


8.   Repeat Step 1 to Step 6 to add more alerts

To create another alert on an existing stock

1.   Right click on a counter and select Create New Alert.


Creating Stop Loss / Take Profit Alert (See also Price Spread Calculator)

1.   Right click on a counter and select Price Spread Calculator.
2.   Select the desired selling price.
3.   Click on the Stop Loss / Take Profit button to set your alert.

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