Direct Business Transactions
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Opening the Direct Business Transaction

Click on the graphic icon from the Stock Database Toolbar.


A direct business transaction (DBT) refers to the business transacted by an Exchange Participant who acts for both the buyer and the seller, whether as principal or agent.

In this dialog, it filters out the various counters that are traded through DBT. The transactions are broken down into 4 different types:
•    Crossings - Normal (CN)
•    Crossings - Odd Lot (CO)
•    Married Deals - Normal (MN)
•    Married Deals - Odd Lot (MO)

A Direct Business transaction in securities between two clients of different Participating Organizations.
Married Deals
A Direct Business transaction in securities where a Participating Organization acts on behalf of both the buying and selling clients.
Odd Lot
A trade with the quantity of shares less than one board lot.