Watchlist/Portfolio Manager
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The portfolio manager allows you to keep track of all your individual transactions using the given transaction history records. In addition, in each of your watchlist, based on your transactions, we can calculate your consolidated profit/loss so as to help you monitor your investment.


Table of Contents
1.   Watchlist/Portfolio Properties
2.   Organize Watchlist
3.   Create a New Watchlist
4.   Delete a Watchlist
5.   Open an existing Watchlist
6.   Add a Counter to Watchlist
7.   Move a Counter within a Watchlist
8.   Copy a Counter to another Watchlist
9.   Move a Counter to another Watchlist
10. Remove Counter(s) from the Watchlist
11. Add/Edit notes
12. Rearrange Watchlist Position
13. Rename a Watchlist
14. Remember Portfolio Layout
15. Portfolio Manager