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The alert is a feature which allows you to configure alerts based on price done, volume done, buy price, buy volume, sell price, sell volume and multiple ways to trigger them; and also set remarks for each of your alert.


The stock alert is enhanced with the following new features.
•    Offline alert
The new integrated alert system will monitor all your counters actively even when the application is not running.    

•    Email alert
Email alerts are supported. This gives you the ease of setting up and maintaining your alerts in the application itself.

•    Integrated alert history
All alert histories are saved which allows you to view a detailed summary of all previous alerts that had been triggered.

Table of Contents
1.   Alert Properties
2.   Add an Alert
3.   Delete an Alert
4.   Edit an Alert
5.   Activate an Alert
6.   Alert Triggered
7.   Activating/Deleting multiple Alerts